Please review the Feedback Rules and Policy (below), and the Feedback FAQ before participating in the Feedback Forum.


Visual Communications Group, Inc. ("VCG") has adopted this Feedback Policy for its and website (collectively the "Site"). The Policy describes situations in which users may submit online reviews and buyer feedback on companies listed on the Site.

1.1 Visual Communications Group, Inc. ("VCG") does not assume responsibility for, nor endorse, any of the opinions or ratings in the Feedback Forum, and does not mediate private disputes between buyers and sellers.

1.2 Authors of Feedback are solely responsible for any Feedback they submit. VCG does not independently determine the accuracy of Feedback.

1.3 Feedback submissions are restricted to buyers who have hired a company listed on our Network to provide them with a product or service. The transaction must have taken place within the previous 12 months, and the Feedback should reflect the general circumstances and buying experience of the transaction with that company.

1.4 All negative Feedback submissions must have an associated valid invoice number corresponding to the specific business transaction reflected in the negative Feedback submission. A copy of the invoice must be provided.

1.5 The name of the author will be displayed beside each Feedback submission, so consider carefully before submitting Feedback. Make sure all comments are fair and factual.

1.6 The phone number and email address of the author will not be displayed beside each Feedback item - however, both are required during the submission process for verification.

1.7 Anonymous Feedback will not be accepted.

1.8 Employees or persons directly affiliated with a specific company listed on the VCG Network cannot submit any Feedback for that company.

1.9 Every negative Feedback submission will be verified before being posted. Positive Feedback submissions will be randomly verified. Feedback submission that can't be verified will not be accepted.

1.10 The company about whom Feedback is given is provided an opportunity to reply (or rebut) one time within the Feedback Forum. The reply will be shown directly below the original Feedback item. After a reply is submitted, that particular Feedback "topic" is closed and no further submissions are allowed.

1.11 Authors can submit only one Feedback item and Buyer Rating per company/per business transaction with that company.

1.12 Any Feedback submission can be withdrawn and removed upon request by the verified author who submitted it.

1.13 Being a paid subscriber or advertiser on any VCG domain has no impact on a company's Buyer Rating.

1.14 Qualified and approved Feedback will post online two days after it is submitted and will appear as part of the company Feedback profile and be visible on all VCG domains where the company has a listing.

1.15 Feedback mistakenly posted for the wrong company will be considered for removal only in situations where the author responsible for the incorrect posting informs VCG of the error and submits the same Feedback item for the correct company.

2.0 ABUSE.

VCG reserves the right to remove any Feedback deemed inappropriate or offensive. All circumstances outlined below will be considered abuse and may result in the Feedback being rejected or removed from the Feedback Forum:

2.1 VCG is given a valid court order finding that disputed Feedback is slanderous, libelous, defamatory or otherwise illegal.

2.2 Feedback contains profane, vulgar, obscene, or racist language or adult material.

2.3 Feedback contains personal identifying information about employees or affiliates of the company in question, including home address, phone number, or email address.

2.4 Feedback submitted under misleading or false contact information preventing VCG from verifying the true author. Please also read the Feedback FAQ before participating in the Feedback Forum.