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We know we haven't even come close to answering all your questions. So, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand what VCG has to offer. Or you can visit our extensive Knowledge Base for a complete view of VCG Services.

FAQ Pricing

Can I change plans at any time?
Yes. Change your plan anytime and your new plan will take effect on your next billing cycle. Please note that we cannot give credits for unused days or months.
Is there a monthly Signsearch plan?
We offer a monthly payment plan, however, Signsearch requires a one-year commitment. Our industry-specific Signsearch network pricing is tailored around an annual advertising ROI.
What are the "guaranteed results" on Signsearch?
We guarantee that you'll receive a bid opportunity ("buyer request"), or a minimum of 120 Web Site Click-thrus, within 12 months from your subscription date or we'll extend your Premium Vendor listing until you do. An eligible buyer request is submitted to your company via email through Sign search ( or SignsearchPRO ( The buyer request must include the opportunity to perform a specific job, and not just be a general inquiry. To be eligible for the guarantee, you must have had a completely verified vendor profile and a valid web site for a minimum of 10 of the 12 months of your subscription. A Web Site Click-thru is counted when a visitor clicks on your web site link from Signsearch ( or SignsearchPRO ( Please note that you must contact us within the first 30 days after the 12 month anniversary of your Signsearch subscription to request the free extension. Unless we're notified otherwise, your credit card payment(s) will be processed without any credit(s) applied.
What is the cost to participate in SignsearchPRO?
There is absolutely no cost to be listed as a verified sign contractor in SignsearchPRO, but a paid Signsearch subscription gets you more of what you really need.
How will you bill me?
Depending on the plan you choose, we offer both monthly and annual billing. Payments are made by credit card.
When does my billing start?
Your billing will start at the expiration of your trial (30 days from the date you subscribe to the service) and will continue until you cancel your services.
Can I cancel at any time?
Most of our plans are month-to-month or annual. Signsearch only plans are annual. You can start/stop or make changes to your plan at any time (but note that refunds are not given for cancellation or downgrades - see our Terms of Service for details).
Are there other hosting plans available?
Yes. If your requirements exceed the storage limits for the default plan, a Max add-on is available for $17.95 per month (or $215.40 paid annually). This add-on includes an additional 4GB of mailbox storage (total 12GB), 10 additional mailboxes (total 30 mailboxes), and 10GB additional disk space (total 20GB).
How is mailbox and disk space storage calculated?
Disk space storage is the total of all email (mailbox) storage, files, and images associated with your domain. It does not, however, include gallery images. The total mailbox storage refers to the shared total for all user mailboxes (email accounts) on your domain.

FAQ Websites

Is my website created from a template or is it a completely custom site?
All website designs start from a base set of code and page structure to create templates from which our web designers customize with your images and text. We provide you with three customization options (Creative Services) for your website design. To learn more about your design options, please visit the Creative Services section of the Pricing page.
What does the free website design include?
The free website design includes customization of your selected website skin design, basic CSS styling, a custom home page layout, custom images and text to products and services pages (images and text provided by you). In addition, we are now offering free security certificates (SSL) all new sites. To learn more about your free website design, please visit the Creative Services section of the Pricing page.
Will the website be secure?
Yes, we offer a complimentary security certificate (SSL) for each website we build.
What if I want you to customize my website beyond what is included in the free website design?
For clients looking for a more customized website design we offer Creative Service options. To learn more about your design options, please visit the Creative Services section of the Pricing page.
If I choose to pay for an elevated design (Creative Services), do I have to pay for it if I don't like it?
While we are committed to doing everything we can to meet your expectations, fees for elevated Creative Services are due at time of order and are non-refundable. We ensure that we're both crystal clear on what to expect so that any issues can be avoided.
Do you provide SEO services?
No, VCG does not sell or offer SEO services. While we can and will at times offer suggestions that could potentially improve your site's ranking and visibility within search engine results, we make no guarantees or promises in this regard. It's simply not a service that we offer. While there are many reputable companies offering legitimate SEO services, it is important to always remember that no one can ever guarantee you specific, non-paid placement in search engine results.

FAQ SignsearchPRO

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