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  There are two main registration options available to you. The first adds your company to our Network so that it appears in relevant search results to end-user buyers, as either a "local seller" or as a "supplier or manufacturer" as appropriate. The second option registers you as a site user only, providing you with access to all of the expanded features of the Network available to buyers.
>> I want to add my company so that it can be found in relevant search results

Local Seller

As a local seller, my company sells products and services directly to the end user.

My company will appear in searches in my local service area.

Supplier or Manufacturer

As a supplier or manufacturer, my company sells products at the wholesale level and typically for resale by local sellers or large institutional buyers.

My company will appear in searches at the national level.
>> I am a buyer and want to register as a site user only
As a site user, I want to be able to perform multiple searches and access the Network's expanded features such as group email and mapping. (Note: Site user only registration type does not add a company to appear in relevant search results.)