Creative Services

Each website we build is unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently build professional websites that match the unique personalities of the businesses they represent.
For the vast majority of our clients, the Tier 1 Creative Service (included at no extra charge) is more than sufficient to satisfy their wants and needs in their website setup. However, in those cases where clients choose to go above-and-beyond in the customization of their website we offer more comprehensive Creative Service packages.
Tier 1 Examples
VCG Web Client VCG Web Client VCG Web Client VCG Web Client VCG Web Client VCG Web Client

Tier 1 Creative Service - Included at no extra charge

Tier 1 Creative Services are included at no additional charge (available to new customers only). Tier 1 Creative Services typically include:

  • Website skin design with customization - With your direction, our professional web designers will use one of the many website skin designs as the basis for your website, then optimize the selected skin with colors and imagery to match your brand
  • Basic CSS styling - We'll include some CSS styling to provide your website with the flair you see in many of our live customer sites
  • One (1) customized Graphic Header - We'll design one home page Graphic Header image on your behalf, customized with your provided images to match the product or service focus you specify
  • Homepage layout - We'll customize the layout of your homepage with your product images, highlighting your areas of specialty
  • Add images to product/services pages - We'll add your provided images to each product or service page on your website
  • Create photo gallery - We'll resize and upload your photos to your website's photo gallery (up to 120 images)
  • One round of revisions - We'll ensure your website looks the way you want it to prior to it becoming live
Tier 2 Examples
VCG Web Client VCG Web Client VCG Web Client VCG Web Client

Tier 2 Creative Service - $200

This creative service package is designed for clients who require slightly more special attention than the typical user, either to mimic certain aspects of their existing website or to implement specific feature requests beyond the scope of services offered in the Tier 1 package. Common applications of Tier 2 Creative Services include:

  • Multiple Graphic Headers (up to 3 additional designs)
  • Simple/Moderately complex website conversions
  • Custom page creation - content and images need to be provided
  • Custom CSS styling - Includes more advanced styling that alters the look or feel of the website
Tier 3 Examples
VCG Web Client VCG Web Client

Tier 3 Creative Service - $500

This package is typically utilized by clients looking for a more highly customized website that employs several advanced features or extended graphic design hours. Common applications of Tier 3 Creative Services include:

  • Multiple Graphic Headers (up to 5)
  • Advanced CSS styling & design
  • Added website functionality
  • Complicated website conversions
  • Creation of complex page structures

Additional Creative Service - $100/hr

Any further changes to an existing site may incur additional charges, depending on the nature of customization requested. Additional charges are billed at $100 per hour and can be applied in 15 minute increments.