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 Company User Accounts  
General Questions
dropdownWhat is the reason for the site usage?
dropdownWho can register?
dropdownWho can add a user?
dropdown4What is an account administrator and how would I know who is our account administrator?
dropdownHow would I know if I'm already a user or not?
dropdownWho can change the information to the master account?
dropdownCan I change my information? If yes, how?
dropdownWhat if I forgot my Connect ID and / or Password?
dropdownIf I am added, what happens?
dropdownWhat are my abilities once I log in?
dropdownHow long do I have to wait to begin using the site?
dropdownHow many companies can I group email at a time?
dropdownWhy do you need my email address?
dropdownWhat are the password requirements?
dropdownWhy do you ask Site Usage Information?
dropdownDo I have to log in every time I want to do a group email?
dropdownWhat happens to my email and password if I'm no longer using the site?
Account Administrator Questions
dropdown What is the responsibility of an account administrator?
dropdown How many people can be the administrator for a company?
dropdown How do I add people to the account?
dropdown After I add a user, what happens?
dropdown How many people can I add for a company?
dropdown How do I remove someone from the account?
dropdown Can I see who is listed in the account? If yes, where?
dropdown What will you do with my information?